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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Repurposed Adult Shirt in the nick of time!


So my husband LOVES when I decide to turn a Good Will find into a dress 20 min. before church. But this dress for her took 10 minutes to do, so luckily we weren't too terribly late!  Funny thing is....I was going to wear this to church today as a shirt.  Then I decided Claire could enjoy it until I grow into it....or in other words, until I lose my baby pouch I was given by my now 8 month old. :)  As I got going on it, I decided it would be too cute with just taking in the sides. With the remaining strips cut off...I did two twisty wrap around fabric roses using Fabric Tac.  I strongly recommend that stuff.  It holds after just 10 or so seconds.  Flowers took 60 second each.....and that was it!  Done!  Go shopping that your local thrift store...these shirts for adults with ties and ruffles, make the cutest dresses for your princess!

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