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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Square Scrap Happy Quilt!

This is my first fully COMPLETED quilt!  I made if for my friend Ally, who is expecting baby #2.  She will be finding out what she is having in a little over a week, so I decided to do non gender specific....although, the colors are leaning toward it being a girl ;)  This project definitely has it's imperfections!  However, have to say, that having 1/9 quilts finished, feels good! Best part about this quilt...It was all from scraps and free fabric given to me by a friend! With the exceptions of thread and batting.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Wheat Bread Recipe DIY and in less than 15 min! NO BREAD MACHINE

So, EVERYONE that tries this loves this recipe. The thing I love about it, is I can put out 5-6 loaves within 15 min. minus rise and bake time!  I keep all my ingredients in a tote.  This is a great food storage recipe because you do not need anything refrigerated if you purchase the packets of yeast...

Recipe no longer avail.
About 30 minutes but pay attention to how far it is rising...I plop them in oven when they are level with the pan or doubled in size.  Bake 25 to 40 min...depending....but I take them out when they are dark golden brown.  Keep in mind the pyrex glass bread pans will cook the bread more easily!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Fashionably on Time!

This clock book is the easiest project! All you need is a book (judge the book by its cover :), clock kit (you can purchase these at any craft store for around $7.00 or less), A drill, exacto knife, and numbers/dials to put on. I bought ready made numbers to keep it simple. First, mark and drill the center. Then. I set the clock kit down and traced around it inside on the first page. I cut 1/4 inch wider to leave plenty of room for the mechanism to fit. I then cut several pages (at least 8 times) to give the hole depth.  Then I put it together and glued numbers down and that's it!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Repurposed Adult Shirt in the nick of time!


So my husband LOVES when I decide to turn a Good Will find into a dress 20 min. before church. But this dress for her took 10 minutes to do, so luckily we weren't too terribly late!  Funny thing is....I was going to wear this to church today as a shirt.  Then I decided Claire could enjoy it until I grow into it....or in other words, until I lose my baby pouch I was given by my now 8 month old. :)  As I got going on it, I decided it would be too cute with just taking in the sides. With the remaining strips cut off...I did two twisty wrap around fabric roses using Fabric Tac.  I strongly recommend that stuff.  It holds after just 10 or so seconds.  Flowers took 60 second each.....and that was it!  Done!  Go shopping that your local thrift store...these shirts for adults with ties and ruffles, make the cutest dresses for your princess!

Fabric Scraps on Canvas

I did this one a while back...I have found a new passion for fabric on canvas, quilts, and on my daughter of course!  This experiment was fun!  All you need is tacky glue and fabric to glue on...I love add buttons to my projects....kind of a button fanatic!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sneak Peak of my New York Quilt...

I wanted to share what I have done so far with my Fabric Building Art Quilt!  I have two more buildings to add, water, sky, a boat and the statue of liberty!  Needless to say...I am done with the hardest part! It is fun to see it come together! I find I really enjoy creating things out of fabric.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Featured on the radio! Fabric Flowers...they never die!

This bouquet of flowers sits on my window sill...these flowers never die!  All it take is some fabric tac and strips of fabric.  I also use felt circles to glue them onto as I twist and turn the strip to make these flowers!  You can find me on youtube with a demo for how to make these!